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Girl on Fire - Program

Girls on Fire is a program for young girls that are sometimes confused, lack self-esteem, confidence and are easily made to feel bad in a world that focuses on how they look.

"They may hide it well but they have a daily struggle around body & self image."

The Girls on Fire program helps young girls love how they look and feel, giving them the confidence to do their BEST in school and be excited about their FUTURE!


1) How to overcome negative self talk and love the body they have.
2) Discover their own beauty and stand out.
3) How to increase self-esteem so they are thinking about what they want to do in the world, rather then on how they look.
4) How to overcome anxiety and self-doubt that is preventing them from doing their best.
5) Stop comparing themselves to other girls & the world of Instagram.

1) A meditation that they can easily embrace & implement everyday.
2) Mindfulness eating that nourishes & educates them, dropping diets!

3) Physical exercises & body love yoga, that opens them up to embracing their various body shapes in a way that is fun & kind.
4) Creates a "Rockstar Mindset" to help them with comfort eating, negative self talk, & or over obsessing about the way they look.

5) Support& validation to help them on their personal journey to greatness.

This "self-esteem system" is already running in schools in Sydney and about to be rolled out nationally.

"Since completing the Body Mantra project I have learnt how to tune in to myself and can deal with THE STRESS OF EXAMS with ease

"Year 11 student at RHSC

"I have noticed a considerable difference in my daughter just after one week of the program, she seems lighter and more confident. Thank you"  Mother of Year 9 Girl

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