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What is a BodyLove Holistic Health Coach?

BodyLove Holistic Health Coach Corrie Buchanan

When I think of a coach I think of coaches in the sporting sense. So is a Health Coach supposed to be cheering you on from the sideline, yelling that you need to eat breakfast, exercise more and drink less alcohol?

Before I became a Holistic Health Coach I was intrigued and slightly at odds with the concept. As it turned out, so were most of my friends and family when I asked them what they thought a Holistic Health Coach is. Sounds like some made-up 21st century new-age rubbish was just one of the responses. Other responses included, Is it a nutritionist? And, Is it like a life coach?

So I investigated further and decided to hire my own Holistic Health Coach to find out what all the fuss was about. I had an ulterior motive too – I was at a stage of my life when enough was enough. I wanted a long-term solution to create health for myself. I was done with diets and the tumultuous relationships I had with food and my own body.

Within weeks of the program my whole outlook on health had changed. It became less rigid and more fluid. I felt lighter, stronger and the healthiest I have ever felt. I found freedom in food and I learned to love my body, all of it. Wow!

Turns out this 21st century new-age rubbish was the solution I was looking for. So I studied. Now as a qualified Holistic Health Coach I have been able to help people make lifelong changes to their health and live healthier and happier lives.

What is a BodyLove Holistic Health Coach?

Great question, glad you asked.

You already know that vegetables are good for you. My role is to help you understand why you reach for the chocolate instead. Making better choices doesn’t start with food, it starts with you. Once you invite self-love into the equation, your subconscious food choices reflect your inner beliefs.

So in more accurate terms I am a BodyLove Holistic Health Coach. The BodyLove bit describes my mission to make you feel totally rad in your body. Yes, it’s totally possible FOR YOU! I guide you to feel empowered in your own life and to fall in love with your own body. Yes, your own body. Really, love it! Not just accept it, LOVE YOUR BODY AND OWN IT AND BE HAPPY YOU LIVE IN IT. The more foreign this idea sounds to you, the more you need guidance to achieve health, happiness and freedom.

How can a BodyLove Holistic Health Coach help you?

Imagine a world in which every woman was totally tuned in to her body, not needing validation from men or peers, not falling into the trap of comparison-itis, no limiting self-talk. Just loving the beautiful woman she is and loving the journey of who she is becoming.

As a collective of women, we can achieve this radical self-acceptance. It will have a positive ripple effect onto our men and our children. In this equation is the power to transform. This transformation is what I am truly passionate about. This transformation happens one woman at a time. It starts with you.

I believe in the power of this work wholeheartedly and I’ve demonstrated the success of the BodyLove approach over and over again. If you:

  • have tried numerous diets

  • dislike and want to change parts of your body

  • wake up and dread going to work

  • have to summon every ounce of your motivation to get yourself to go to the gym

  • are confused about whether you should be vegan, eat dairy, avoid sugar, etc

  • are not sure about the whole gluten idea…

… then I recommend you hire a BodyLove Holistic Health Coach to reset, get some clarity and have a wellness plan created just for you.

Yoga, meditation, nutrition and mindset

I have a background and love affair with yoga and meditation and I teach both. This combination along with my corporate history in recruitment and career coaching has allowed me to achieve great success with my clients who, like me, are looking to make long-lasting positive changes in their lives.

As your BodyLove Holistic Health Coach I work in partnership with you. Together we come up with a clear health plan that is specifically designed for you. The concept here is that someone’s medicine is someone else’s poison.

This is a long-lasting approach to health and wellness and not an unsustainable fad. I want you to live a life of radiance, openness, wellness and deep happiness. Because the question is not about whether you will reach your optimal health, it’s about what you are going to do with this one amazing life once you do achieve optimal health!

Please reach out, I would love to hear from you.

If any of this speaks to you and you want to find out a little more, contact me for a FREE 20-minute BodyLove health consultation:


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