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Hey Chicka & Dudes, welcome.


I know that when it comes to your health, you feel like there’s a missing piece of the puzzle. You don’t know what it is yet. You’re searching.


I am Corrie and I’m so glad you’re here.


I know what you’re searching for.


Like you, I was on a quest to live my happiest, healthiest life. My intentions were good but the way I went about it only caused anxiety and defeat. I knew there was something missing from my approach, but what?





I longed for a feeling of freedom around food instead of judging all foods to be either good or bad. I put unreasonable pressure on myself to be super disciplined. The nutrition worlds confused me. I was heavily focused on what I thought I should or should not eat – rather than eat for nourishment I felt restricted and anxious about the “rules”. I acquired nutrional knowledge like an addiction and tried on all the latest health trends – paleo, coconut oil, activated nuts anyone? These trends might seem healthy but unless you approach them with the right mindset, they can be as damaging as any obsession.

It was the same for exercise. I went through the motions because I felt that I SHOULD and because it’s hammered into us that exercise is a MUST for a healthy life. I was focused on fitness outcomes. It wasn’t until I found enjoyment in the moment and experienced the bliss of moving my body with no expectations of results through my bodymantra.

Change your mind, change your body, change your life.


One night, the truth hit me like a hammer. If I was going to achieve my goal of living 100 years (which I plan on doing), what would be the point of spending all those years in a state of perpetual stress?


Suddenly I realised how much precious time my sub conscious mind had been limiting my potentail through constantly not allowing me to be completly free in my own body. All that mental energy I’d wasted over wondering if I was eating the right thing, trying to be in better health, bashing my body at the gym. And noticing no changes anyway.


I didn’t want to take this confusing battle to my grave. I didn’t want it for one minute longer! I wanted to see my body as an amazing miracle. I wanted to love and cherish and appreciate all it does for me. Once I became conscious of my self-limiting, self-sabotaging thoughts, I knew that my mindset had to change and it had to change NOW.


Enter: The BodyMantra.


The answer was deep inside of me all along. Through meditation and compassionate self-inquiry I looked beyond the superficial and discovered my authentic motivation. It’s not enough to arm ourselves with knowledge about nutrition or to plunge with fierce commitment into a new fitness regime. To create true, lasting change, we need to understand our WHY.


Why did I want to live my healthiest, happiest life? What was the source of my determination? And how was I unknowingly sabotaging my own efforts?


I did the inner work I needed to do. The BodyMantra was born.


I put it to the test. Within five days, the results were phenomenal.


Not only did I feel a profound shift in my attitude towards food and fitness, I was suddenly making huge progress toward my health goals. Random people in the street made comments about my appearance. I realised that there was something powerful in this BodyMantra thing, so I shared it with a bunch of friends. They too had mind-blowing results after developing and using their own BodyMantras.


My BodyMantra is a shortcut to my soul.


It’s a simple but powerful reminder that I use every day to drive me forward to better energy, consistent movement and profound self-love.


The BodyMantra allowed me to fall in love with who I was, rather than wait to fall in love with who I wanted to become. I now eat from a place of nourishment and fun instead of punishment. I enjoy movement and I embrace the kinds of exercise that my body craves. I am governed from the inside out when it comes to food and movement, not from the outside in.


I want this for you. You deserve to feel genuine appreciation for your body and the amazing ways it serves you. You were born to live freely, without doubts and limitations. You were designed with everything you need for satisfaction and contentment right inside of you. You can have the green juice AND the hot chocolate.

Your BodyMantra will guide you on this journey.  It will transform your approach to wellness because you’ll be armed with PURPOSE.


And if you’re wondering what my BodyMantra is… I’m not going to tell you! Not because it’s some closely guarded secret but because I want you to discover your own. And you will. I’m going to give you the key.



Corrie is a certified Holistic Health and Wellness Coach qualified by IIN (Institute of Integrative Nutrition), New York. She is also a certified Yoga Teacher and has been practicing and teaching meditation for over 8 years.


Corrie descibes herself as a "BodyLove Health Coach" as she supports women and men all over the globe to reach optimum wellbeing and contentment with a good dose of warmth, humour and fun.


Corrie has a 10-year corporate recruitment background where she worked across Australia and the USA, mentoring and coaching over 100 of people in their careers. She also brings these skills to her zone of genius as a coach and mentor in the holistic wellness world.

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